About Carnomic

Carnomic is the world’s first blockchain-based marketing data transportation solution specialized in the Automobile Industry. Carmonic is a data solution provider with the goal to aggregate the most comprehensive automotive intelligence and marketing data that will have a direct impact on the bottom line.

Carnomic will use the blockchain technology functions as a public record of transactions between users.

Caronmic is building a Social Network for car lovers and will be able to collect Data for the Car Industry, while the user can also sell the Information to earn Carnomic Tokens.

The User can sell the Tokens for real Money or use the Token earned to earn more Tokens while using the App.

The App also has a Marketplace for selling and buying Cars.

The App - Impressions and Prototype

The Beta-Version will be available in Q3/2019. You can have a first look while swiping through the Images or can try our Prototype which you find below.

  • Social Media Platform for Cars
  • One-to-One Marketing and Research
  • Users get paid for there own Data
  • Global Data-Platform
  • Enables a new 1.5 trillion dollar market

Why Carnomic?

The Car Industry is worth over 1.5 Trillion USD worldwide. Over 70 Million new Cars were produced in 2017. It is Important for car producers to put their best foot forward by employing accurate data obtained from modern market research models. Carnomic takes pride in providing a platform that helps both car lovers and automobile brands find end points of value in this vibrant industry.

Our Mission

Provide the possibility to purchase data worldwide and stimulating wealth, loyalty and development via our market place token.

How Carnomic will set the pace?

Carnomic will build a "Social Media Platform" for Car Lovers, Car brands and marketers. Users will be able to register their cars and create fun Cards for Games as well as using the Platform to buy and sell cars - FOR FREE. Our brand Value will increase over time as we begin to roll-out our products and services as highlighted in the roadmap. We are inspired by the successes and achievements of visionaries in the automobile blockchain industry, and like a heavyweight boxer, we want to unify the achievements in both sectors in a seamless manner.

Why You Should Go with Carnomic


The Massive Potential

For Users:

It’s estimated that the data Facebook harvests each year is worth, on average, $240 from every American adult. The Automobile is a 1.5 Trillion $ Industry (You can check that at Statista) we calculate that if companies spend around 10% for marketing, this is 1.5 Billion. The aim is to get Car brands to divert a small fraction (0.01%) of their marketing efforts to our Platform and purchase useful Information. and we can ONLY get 0.01% of this amount. This sum will culminate to a revenue of about $150.00 which can be earn from the Users!!

Imagine the brands get a massive RIOI, which they will and they budget 1% of their marketing efforts; That’s about $15 Million for the users to claim. Yes, we know what you are thinking, too.

For Car Producers and Marketers:

And for Car Brands, there is no price tag for Marketing Data for Cars. It is raw, untapped and the potential is massive. Get all the data you need in one place. This is primary data in its truest form. Facebook has around 2.23 billion active users worldwide with over 1 billion downloads, which shows a conversion rate of about 50% for app marketing. If only 0.1% would use our App, there is a Data about 2.23 Million Users! Crunch the numbers.


The Market Place

Get in on special deals, offers and discounts like never before in a platform that brings car lovers around the world to one place to discuss, trade and earn.


Early Bird Advantage

The pitch is simple; Invest in Carnomic. The early bird advantage has always worked. Carnomic is the world’s first Blockchain-based marketing data transportation solution specialized in the automobile industry. We possess the first movers’ advantage and you can be a part of something that will become a gargantuan very soon. Early participants of the Token Sale are eligible to receive a bonus of up to 25%.


On the global Data Marketplace

No World-Wide Data-Platform:

The Car Industry as well as the registration offices are not able to create a Data-Platform which fulfils the standard Information Car Producer needs, since every country has its own unique system of registration.

No secure way for Data:

Data security is a huge responsibility for firms which indulge in online trading. There are various ways in which security can be breached, enabling hackers to access sensitive data. A study in America, found that when a company's security is breached online, its market value drops 2.1%. There is no trusted system for Car holders to share their Information about the Car and needs within a Platform that houses several automobile stakeholders.

No Payment for Data:

Today, it is popular for politicians to decry the way that Big Tech has exploited consumers by taking their data “for free” and then abusing this. Companies getting Information about people without any benefit for the people them self is a situation we take seriously.
We aim to change the conversation with our platform. Users can share certain information for free and sell certain information for the Carmonic token.


Our method and vision

Global Data-Platform:

Creating an all in one blockchain-Based Platform with all needed Information for Car Companies for strategy and growth.

Safe and Secure Data-Platform:

Car holders can share and store their information in a safe and secure blockchain powered platform with an impregnable encryption.

Decentralized Payment Systems

Providing the possibility for Users to get paid whenever Data Information is needed, it will change the whole Marketing and Research sector in a positive way.

Mobile and Desktop App

We offer both Mobile and Desktop App solutions that will be synchronized in real-time. We also offer several advanced features with full interface customization and various themes available.

How it works

Our Ecosystem based on blockchain

App Download

The User downloads the App and can register via E-Mail, Facebook or Google Account.

Car registration

The User can registrate his real Car by verifying it. For doing that, he will get a small ammount of tokens. He also can use Virtual Car and claim Game/Virtual Token.

Blockchain Data

As the User verifies his Data, he is now able to open his Data for the Blockchain Network.

Car Companies

At this point, Car Companies are able to get the Data Information for spending Tokens / Money.

Reward for User

The User can collect the Tokens and use them for Gaming / Challenging with friends all ove the world to earn more Tokens or sell them on Exchanges for Money.

Carnomic ICO
Token Economics

Our initial coin offering (ICO) will run till the softcap reached.

100,000,000 CNM Total supply
10,000,000 USD Softcap
50,000,000 USD Hardcap
82,000,000 CNM Tokens for Public

Bonus Details

For Each Bonus is a Limit of 20% of the maximum Tokens in Sale
AT PRE-SALE 25% Bonus
ICO SALE - WEEK 1 15% Bonus
ICO SALE - WEEK 2 5% Bonus
chart Token
  • Token Sale Program 82%
  • Team and Advisors 8%
  • Reserve 7%
  • Bounty 3%
chart Funds
  • Engineering and Development 40%
  • Business Development 12%
  • Marketing & Promotion 20%
  • Legal & Regulation 10%
  • Operational & Administration 8%
  • Contingency 4%
  • Partners 6%


Download the whitepaper and learn about Carnomic.


Our roadmap is a planned as realistic as possible. We will inform our community as fast as possible if there might be taken any changes.


Exclusive Advisor

Xin Song
CEO and Co-Founder from Bottos (BTO) as our Blockchain Advisor
Michael Liu
Leader in Product Marketing and Strategy at Volkswagen Group China

Core Team Member

Our international team has many experts from different countries providing us the edge needed to deliver an outstanding and technologically experience.

Periklis Kalaitzis
CEO - Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Andre Bischoff
CFO - Chief Financial Officer & Co-Founder
Dennis Müller
CIO - Chief Information Officer & Business development
Thi Ngoc Anh Nguyen
CMO - Chief Marketing Officer
Fares Antonio Akel Cordovez
Smart Contract & Ethereum Blockchain Developer
Trieu Le
Web Developer - Javascript and Nodejs
Ivan Ignatyev
.NET/C++/iOS/Android/Xamarin/PHP, Mobile/Web/Desktop App
Yaxin Luo
Professional Chinese - English Translator | IT, Marketing, Business
More Team Members
To be announced


Below we’ve provided some FAQs. If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us via email.

Carnomic is a unique Marketing Platform for the Car industry with a built-in social networking platform for car brands, marketers and car lovers. Carmonic allows User to earn Money for their own Data.

Carnomic (CNM) is a payment token that serves as a means of exchange between users of the platform and advertisers that sign up and interact within the Carnomic system. The Carnomic token can be purchased at the token sale.

After the Token sale and distribution has been completed, plans of listing for the Carnomic token will be put in motion and will hit several exchange platforms. Our team is in constant talks with the representatives of these exchanges and a final date for listing will be out soon. We appreciate as you stand by for an official announcement.

All unsold tokens during the Token Sale will be burned.

Press release and publication

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Press release
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